Franck IBALOT |Performance and risks responsible at Covéa Finance

“B-One is the solution we use to measure and analyze our portfolios performance and attribution for several years now. We benefit from BI-SAM’s expertise both in terms of technology and know-how in the field of performance and reporting. The whole portfolio data (inventories, transactions, calculated indicators) are stored into B-One and, as risk attribution data requirements are the same as for performance attribution, we have obviously capitalized on B-One to establish our risk allocation.”



Jean-Marc LE NAUTOUT |Head of performance and reporting

“BI-SAM’s solutions thanks to their rich functionality have enabled us to substantially reduce our production schedule. The ease of use and integration of their products, in addition to the competences and speed of the BI-SAM team have changed the way we work and increased our output.”



Maher HEMISSI |Vice President Performance, Risk Measurement & IT at Fiera Sceptre

“At the end of the selection process, BI-SAM was the best and obvious partner for our performance measurement and attribution project. We have been really impressed by the B-One product functionalities which fully answer our needs and more importantly will allow us to provide a superior service to our clients. Their North American implementation team will ensure a full service during the pilot and implementation phases and beyond”.



Olivier BOMBOIRE |Global Head Performance, Risk & Client Fund Report

“BI-SAM solutions enable us to respond to international and multi lingual requirements. several procedures will be enhanced thanks to the comprehensiveness and originality of these tools. And there’s special praise for the competence and motivation of BI-SAM’s team.”


Pierre-Marie CHARLIN |Head of performance analysis & reporting solutions

“BI-SAM’s solution was selected based on their ability to industrialise the reporting’s production/supply chain and also the performance attribution calculation capabilities. The solution eases data access and enables us to offer our clients detailed analysis.

Moreover, given the merger between Natixis AM and Natixis Investor Servicing activities, B-One enabled us to double our production whilst maintaining reactivity and performance.”


Tom STAPLETON |Head of performance services, Schroders UK

“Following a formal selection process back in 2005, we implemented BI-SAM as our performance measurement solution supporting our business in London and New York.  We later extended our use of the software to cover our requirements in Asia Pacific.  Its implementation, as our performance measurement platform, is a key component of our best of breed platform strategy.”


Alex Mc NAUGHTON |Head of fund data services, Schroders Luxembourg


“Schroders Luxembourg is responsible for a large number of portfolios within the various Schroder fund ranges which are available to an international clientele with high reporting expectations. The BI-SAM solution enables us to control each step in report publication: from data management through to the customisation and dispatch of reports in over 15 languages. The technology has enabled us to substantially increase the volume of reporting over the last few years without compromising data quality or increasing associated headcount.”

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