Equity attribution

B-One’s Equity Performance Attribution module provides powerful tools for performance attribution analysis to help you examine, benchmark and communicate your investment strategy or portfolio manager’s return based on any variety of industry-standard methodologies. Harnessing the power of the centralised BI-SAM Data Repository, B-One’s award winning performance attribution solution offers unbeatable data integrity and scalability.

B-One’s Equity Performance Attribution module helps you:

  • Audit and validate performance attribution details through comprehensive, on-demand analysis
  • Leverage reports specific to your unique investment process to clarify investment management decisions
  • Streamline client communications with access to timely performance results backed by powerful analysis

Key features:

  • Measure return based on a variety of performance attribution methods, including:
    • Brinson-Fachler
    • Brinson-Hood-Beebower
    • Karnosky Singer
  • Support for arithmetic or geometric performance attribution methodologies
  • Choose from transaction-based or buy and hold analysis
  • Select from various chain-linking methods
  • Analyse by sector (industry, currency, region/country, country/industry) and security levels
  • Support for any classification structure or analysis scheme
  • Analyse aggregated portfolios using flexible “fund-in-fund” or “look-through” methods


Results by classification
Results by classification
results screen, charts tab
Results screen – charts tab
results screen, charts tab
Results screen – charts tab
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