Composites Management

B-One’s GIPS Composites Management module helps you more easily meet GIPS compliance requirements with checks and balances, standards-based results presentation and composite management. The GIPS Composite Management module utilises the BI-SAM Data Repository, a centralised, consolidated data repository, to maintain data integrity, accessibility and control across your entire performance, attribution, risk and GIPS composite management process.

B-One Composites module helps you to:

  1. Minimize compliance implementation time
  2. Build composites consistent with specifically defined strategies
  3. Include additional calculations specific to GIPS requirements
  4. Leverage strict checks and controls to ensure proper composite construction
  5. Access advanced disclosures
  6. Present standards-based results, such as specific display or mandatory ratios and customised to include firm branding


Key Benefits

  1. Utilise a single, centralised and consolidated data management system for performance measurement, risk attribution, risk analysis and GIPS composite management
  2. Build composites, which calculate required returns, risk indicators and ratios and provide reports with all necessary disclosures
  3. Complete support for compliant and non-compliant asset management
  4. Generate GIPS-compliant reports via a component library with all GIPS-required information, including pre-formatted disclosures
  5. Choose manual or automatic composite creation with user-friendly tools or pre-defined algorithms based on portfolio characteristics and composite strategy definition.


GIPS indicators
GIPS indicators
Composite strategy creation
Composite strategy creation
Composite detailed analysis report
Composite detailed analysis report
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