B-One’s Client Reporting module helps you deliver professional, timely and accurate client reports. Streamline the client reporting process with automated workflows, reliable data, customisable reports and your choice of output formats. The Client Reporting module utilises the BI-SAM Data Repository, a centralised, consolidated data repository, to maintain data integrity, accessibility and control across your entire client reporting and investment process.

B-One Client reporting module helps you to have access to:

  1. Access consistent and reliable data from a central data repository
  2. Maintain and control comments’ storage including alert capacities
  3. Customise client reports to your unique requirements
  4. Leverage multiple distribution channels
  5. Manage the client reporting process with robust and automated workflow environment


Key Features:

  1. Multi-source data import, including flat files, XML, SQL requests and interfaces with any in-house or third-party system
  2. Standardised checks and controls
  3. Client-specific personalisation of sample reports
  4. Flexible formatting and branding options to customise client reporting output, including logos, backgrounds, headers, footers, logical sizing of charts, dynamic footnotes, hiding columns based on rules, page breaks and more
  5. Create a variety of available report components, including charts, tables, images, formatted text etc.
  6. Choose from numerous output formats, including PDF, Enhanced PDF (for professional printer), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Postscript
  7. Deadline-driven workflow to manage alerts, task and process status and prioritisation


Workflow production line
Workflow production line
Equity attribution report
Equity attribution report
Key rate attribution results report
Key rate attribution results report
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