B-One Certification

The BI-SAM Institute B-One Certification Program is a modular program of training and certification exams to validate the skills of B-One professionals on B-One products and best practices. Becoming B-One Certified demonstrates your solid understanding of B-One and ensures that the software is aligned with your company’s business objectives. This client-centric program is designed to build competence and help acheive those objectives when working with B-One.


Key Benefits to B-One Certification Programs

  • No need to set up internal B-One training programs. Save time and money by using BI-SAM’s B-One Certification Program – developed and administered by experienced B-One consultants.
  • Gain expertise of performance & risk attribution. BI-SAM Trainers are certified B-One Users and experienced Asset Management professionals specialised in Performance Measurement.
  • Optimised B-One usage. 70% of BI-SAM Support Tickets are due to misunderstanding and incorrect product utilization. Dedicating proper training time with BI-SAM helps to avoid these misunderstandings.
  • Position an implementation project for success. Administering a B-One Certification Program at the onset of a project helps ensure timely and successful implementation.


Corporate Training Catalogue

The BI-SAM Institute Certification Training Catalogue is organised into Certification Levels, with training courses customised to best fit your organization. Additional detailed information for each Certification and Course can be obtained from the B-One Certification Catalogue.


Training Catalogue

Training Customisation

  1. Select any certifications or training courses to be included for client training sessions.
  2. Customise timing and duration to meet client needs.
  3. Deliver in-house training sessions with certified trainer.


Designed for Success

The B-One Certification Program was designed with the end user in mind. The courses are structured to ensure success in the core B-One disciplines. No prior expertise is required. The hands-on exercises are conducted in a locally-installed training environment provided as part of the training services.


To learn more about the B-One Certification Program or how to register, please email us @



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