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The Cloud Changes Everything! Trends in Asset Management

Cloud computing is the latest stage of innovation of the delivery of technology, and the impact it’s having on the asset management industry is compelling and dynamic. This edition of BI-SAM Insights is a detailed primer of all you need to know relating to “the Cloud”.

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Fixed Income Attribution: Meeting Client Expectations in a Changing World

“Performance attribution is a crucial tool for understanding the different steps in the investment process, and the absolute and relative success of managers’ investment decisions. While well-established and accepted attribution methodologies have long existed in the equities world, fixed income attribution is a more recent, and complex, undertaking…”

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The Strategic Importance of the Middle Office and its Operating Platforms

Middle office functions can help to reduce costs, monitor and control risks, increase revenues, and improve the overall level of client satisfaction.  For this reason, investment managers need to view their operating platforms as a source of strategic value rather than simply as a source of cost. In this paper, we show an operating platform that is a source of strategic value.

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The Asset Management Industry: Key Current Challenges and Operational Answers

This paper explains the role for operating platforms in the investment management firm of the future.

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Pension Fund’s Operations: The Other Side of the Coin with USS

Howard Brindle, Chief Operating Officer at Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), talks to BI-SAM about the USS Asset Management department structure and how performance is measured and reported.

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The GIPS® Standards or How to Restore Investors’ Faith in Investment Management

Article written by Anthony Howland, member of the Promotion & Awareness Subcommittee of the GIPS Executive and former COO of BI-SAM.

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The NF343 by Infocert: The New Client Reporting Cdertification

In order to meet investors’ requirements and provide them with an accurate reporting document including precise and relevant information on their investments as well as guaranteeing quality and accuracy of data, the independent certification body Infocert has published standards on reporting quality under the name NF 343.

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Financial Risk Analysis: The Different Views of Asset Management

This white paper summarises the steps and methodologies for a proper risk analysis within an asset management company.

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