Five Aspirations for Performance Analytics

Bill Haney, CEO at BI-SAM, presents 5 areas where changes could and should be driven around Performance Measurement practices.

What sets BI-SAM apart

In this video, Bill Haney, CEO of BI-SAM, explains why BI-SAM is the industry's leading performance measurement solutions provider.

BI-SAM GO™ demo

BI-SAM GO™ delivers daily and transactional performance and attribution analytics, plus high-quality cleansed and validated data — all easily accessible via a flexible, secure web-based platform.

B-One Customer Testimonials - Natixis Asset Management

Pierre-Marie Charlin, Head of Performance & Reporting at Natixis Asset Management, explains how B-One enhanced the company's client services & internal reporting capabilities.

B-One Customer Testimonials - Oddo Asset Management

Nicolas Pouplard, Head of Performance & Reporting at Oddo Asset Management, explains how B-One supported the company's GIPS certification.

Increase in demand for performance information is reducing the efficiency of asset managers

Dr. Peter Ellis, PK Consulting, explains how ad-hoc requests for performance information are having an impact on the operational efficiency of asset management firms.