What sets BI-SAM apart

In this video, Bill Haney, CEO of BI-SAM, explains why BI-SAM is the industry's leading performance measurement solutions provider.

BI-SAM GO™ demo

BI-SAM GO™ delivers daily and transactional performance and attribution analytics, plus high-quality cleansed and validated data — all easily accessible via a flexible, secure web-based platform.

B-One Customer Testimonials - Natixis Asset Management

Pierre-Marie Charlin, Head of Performance & Reporting at Natixis Asset Management, explains how B-One enhanced the company's client services & internal reporting capabilities.

B-One Customer Testimonials - Oddo Asset Management

Nicolas Pouplard, Head of Performance & Reporting at Oddo Asset Management, explains how B-One supported the company's GIPS certification.

Increase in demand for performance information is reducing the efficiency of asset managers

Dr. Peter Ellis, PK Consulting, explains how ad-hoc requests for performance information are having an impact on the operational efficiency of asset management firms.

Christophe Volard interview by Waters Technology

Christophe Volard answers Water's Victor Anderson, Chief Editor, about the market's anxiety towards attribution and reporting growing requirements.