BI-SAM’s cutting-edge multi-asset solution, has earned the trust of an expanding global community of asset managers. This powerful tool enhances investment strategies and elevates client servicing while upholding security, risk management, process control, and operational scalability. Seamlessly integrating with middle and back-office systems, streamlines investment management processes, reducing operational costs and redefining excellence in financial services.


Holistic Performance Management:

  • Seamlessly consolidate and compute performance results.
  • Harmonize performance calculations with investment processes.
  • Support existing and future client mandates.
  • Minimize operational overhead and enhance client experiences.

Precise Data Dissemination:

  • Broadcast accurate performance data effortlessly.
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Preferred Choice of Leading Firms:

Numerous prominent buy-side firms across the globe rely on BISAM’s expertise to refine investment strategies and provide exceptional client service. This is achieved through meticulous attention to security, data management, transparency, process control, and operational scalability. Experience the potential of B-One by requesting a product demo today.

Explore Solutions:

Performance Management

Unveil the power of B-One’s robust performance measurement, attribution, and GIPSĀ® composites management solutions.

  • Wide range of performance and risk-return ratio calculations for mutual funds and institutional portfolios.
  • Compliance with SEC standards for mutual fund returns.
  • Support for SRRI calculations in line with UCITS IVs KIID reporting.
  • Comprehensive library of Ex-Post risk statistics and ratio calculations.
  • Customizable return calculations for various time periods.
  • Flexible gross/net fee functionality for accurate results.

Performance Attribution: Equity, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset

  • Advanced attribution methodologies for equity, balanced, and fixed income instruments.
  • Equipped to audit and analyze standard and specific instruments.
  • Adaptable to various investment styles and management processes.
  • Multiple equity and fixed income methodologies.
  • Transaction-based or buy and hold analysis options.
  • Support for multiple benchmarks and security classifications.

GIPSĀ® Composites Management

  • Seamless integration with B-One’s Performance Measurement solution or standalone use.
  • Facilitates multi-firm and multi-currency capabilities.
  • Flexible composite membership rules, whether rules-based or manual.
  • Comprehensive gross/net fee functionality.
  • Automatic controls and checks at multiple levels for robust oversight.
  • Effortless management of disclosures to meet CFA’s standards and certification.

B-One empowers asset managers with unparalleled scalability, operational efficiency, and precision. BI-SAM’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of this comprehensive solution, enabling investment professionals to amplify their strategies, enrich client experiences, and navigate the intricacies of modern financial markets with confidence. Experience the B-One difference today.