Empowering Firms with Dedicated Solutions

BISAM’s Managed Services presents a tailored approach to providing essential support and technical infrastructure. Our goal is to assist organizations in reducing and maintaining IT costs, as well as mitigating operational risk. In collaboration with our trusted hosting partner, RackspaceĀ®, we ensure the highest standards of security and seamless business continuity planning. Alongside this, our relentless commitment to superior customer support encompasses both infrastructure and applications.

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Elevate Focus, Diminish IT Concerns:

  • Redirect attention towards performance and risk analysis, leaving behind IT worries.
  • Streamline implementation and achieve quicker ROI through accelerated project delivery.

Embrace a Secure, Adaptive Infrastructure:

  • Leverage the security and flexibility offered by our robust IT infrastructure.
  • Embrace system agility and scalability for unprecedented versatility.

Unveil Lower, Predictable TCO:

  • Embrace a subscription-based model that eliminates upfront capital investments.
  • Experience cost predictability and efficiency.

A Transformative Approach:

Optimize Business Engagement:
Managed Services assumes the role of deploying, managing, and maintaining hardware and software infrastructure linked to BISAM’s solutions. This redefines the balance, allowing Performance and Risk teams to invest more energy in result analysis and less in technology concerns.

Simplified Implementation Process:
BISAM’s Managed Services introduces dedicated support and technical infrastructure, addressing IT cost control and operational risk mitigation. Teaming up seamlessly with RackspaceĀ®, we ensure top-tier security and impeccable business continuity. Furthermore, our customer support excellence extends to both infrastructure and applications.

Enabling Agility and Scalability:
Our infrastructure and teams seamlessly deliver dynamic resource provisioning. This empowers rapid and cost-effective capacity deployment, ready to match the growing demands and workloads of our clients’ expanding businesses.

Elevating Security Measures:
Highlighted by certified systems, operational security, and meticulous infrastructure, we assure uncompromised security standards. Data centers adhere to Tier 4 classification, embodying N+1 redundancy and complying with SSAE-16 standards/practices, while embracing the ISO27001 information security framework.

Fortified Data Access:
Our secure client access employs VPN tunnels and firewalls for optimal protection. Data transfers occur via sFTP, emphasizing restricted access available only to authorized clients and BISAM production engineers.

Unveiling Application Integrity:
Dedicated instances of the underlying B-One engine assure application reliability. SAN redundancy, daily data backups, and immediate data shipping to secondary disaster recovery (DR) sites accentuate our commitment to preserving your valuable information.

Experience BISAM’s Managed Services, where transparency, security, and seamless operational excellence redefine the way you approach technology.