Harnessing Financial and Technological Profundity

Invaluable years of experience in both financial services and technology underscore the competence of BISAM’s Professional Services & Customer Support teams. These dedicated teams are poised to share their expertise and comprehensive product knowledge across the entire spectrum of BISAM’s solutions. Their mission? To offer an expansive array of services meticulously tailored to configure, integrate, and uphold BISAM’s products for your business.

Elevating Operational Excellence

Flawless Implementation and Platform Configuration:

From project inception to completion, our teams handle initial implementation and platform configuration.
We oversee testing, customization, and provide launch assistance and full support throughout the journey.

Seamless Enterprise Integration:

Our experts ensure the seamless integration of BISAM solutions into your enterprise ecosystem.
This encompasses data repositories, feeds, middle- and back-office applications, and existing business processes.

Platform Enhancement and Support:

Post-launch, our services extend to platform expansion, customization, and fine-tuning.
You can count on us for onsite support when required, enhancing your confidence in our solutions.

Data Integrity for Precise Insights:

The cornerstone of accurate performance, attribution, and risk calculations is high-quality data aggregation. Our accomplished teams specialize in data analysis, formatting, validation, and aggregation, irrespective of data format.

Collaboration Redefined:

Our approach thrives on collaborative partnerships with our customers. From preliminary pre-implementation tests to pilot runs, our consultants join forces with your internal project management teams. This synergy ensures an optimized implementation plan aligning seamlessly with your unique business requisites. Our Customer Support teams are intricately involved from the outset, guaranteeing a seamless handover once the system is operational.

Empowering Through Training & Certification:

Our Certification program is an intricately designed client-centric initiative. It comprises modular training and exams meticulously structured to instill confidence and validate product usage skills. Certified users exemplify a comprehensive grasp of the product, forging alignment with your firm’s strategic business goals.

User-Centric Design:

Our course structure is intentionally designed for ease of comprehension by individuals of varying expertise levels.

  • Immerse yourself in core system disciplines for assured success.
  • No prior expertise is required to embark on this enlightening journey.
  • Hands-on exercises unfold within a locally installed training environment, fostering an immersive learning experience.