Unveiling Comprehensive Insights
Cognity, a cornerstone of BISAM’s exceptional portfolio analytics suite, introduces a comprehensive, multi-asset class market risk solution. This versatile tool encompasses multi-factor modeling, risk budgeting, portfolio construction, stress-testing, and the precise measurement of real-world fat-tail risk. Catering to institutional asset managers, hedge funds, and alternative asset managers, Cognity offers specialized risk solutions. It extends its capabilities to include portfolio construction and advisory services for mutual funds and wealth managers.

Discover the Full Cognity Potential:

Ensuring Risk Compliance:

Maintain adherence to acceptable VaR exceedance limits.
Accurately identify the origins of risk sources.
Employ adaptable stress-testing scenarios for thorough analysis.
Make informed decisions by accurately estimating tail event probabilities and severities.

Deeper Insights into Risk Profiles:

Gain an enterprise-wide view of risk roll-up.
Break down risk exposure based on specific characteristics and client portfolios.
Identify both promising investment areas and secure havens.

Empowerment through Customization:

Harness the flexibility of custom portfolio modeling.
Leverage high-touch consulting services to enhance portfolio strategies.
Unearth portfolio opportunities and challenges with dynamic adaptive analytics.
Engage in effective discussions about strategic asset allocation matters.

Evolving Investment Excellence

Real-World Risk Modeling at its Best:

Numerous globally renowned buy-side firms choose BISAM to refine investment strategies, elevate client service, and maintain uncompromising standards of security, data management, transparency, and operational scalability. Discover the power of BISAM with a request for a live product demonstration today.

The Unveiling of a New Paradigm

Precision, Clarity, and Vision:

In today’s ever-changing landscape, marked by both tranquility and turbulence, Cognity stands as a testament to pioneering research. Empowering decision-makers in the face of heightened market volatility, Cognity offers accurate predictions and unparalleled transparency. This new norm requires solutions that foster confident and well-informed choices, and Cognity delivers precisely that.

Flexibility Anchored in Integration:

Cognity encompasses a multitude of asset classes, from Equities and Fixed Income to FX, Commodities, and even the most complex alternatives. Its modeling prowess remains steadfast and dependable, irrespective of the liquidity diversity among distinct asset classes.

Meeting Global Standards and Regulations:

Cognity’s capabilities align seamlessly with the expanding regulatory landscape, supporting guidelines such as:

  • AIFMD: Facilitating exposure management, scenario analysis, and VAR/stress-test reporting.
  • Solvency II: Assisting in multi-factor stress-testing, scenario analysis, aggregated risk, and look-through reporting.
  • UCITS: Enabling VaR & ETL measurement and reporting, stress-testing, and back-testing compliance.

Experience the Cognity Difference

Discover a world where market risk meets advanced insights and predictive accuracy. Elevate your investment strategies and service excellence with Cognity’s unparalleled capabilities.